The History of Stone Flooring

Stone was used for flooring thousands of years ago with the rise of the first civilizations on earth. It, along with wood, is one of the first true building materials that people used to make tools and houses. Stone was traditionally mined from stone deposits called quarries, and then the loose stone was carved into blocks to make buildings and floors.

The ancient civilizations of the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians were the first to use stone and use it well. They created temples, massive buildings, the pyramids, and of course stone flooring. Pebble mosaics first started with the Ancient Greeks and are still very popular today, and when the Romans began using stone floors they heated them using vents.

The first ever warm floor was created by Rome, so you’ve got them to thank for more modern inventions like seat warmers. The stone floor soon became something everyone could enjoy, with more advances in mining tools and shaping tools to carve a beautiful floor out of several slabs of rock.

All stone flooring baltimore md options are extremely durable and can last a very long time. They are resistant to staining, impacts, and water damage. Plus, they can be arranged in countless patterns and have several tile sets to choose from. Natural stone also carries its own beauty with it, and you can easily rearrange the furniture and other items to match up with the tone the stone sets for your home.

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Depending on the type of stone you want for your household, it will allow you to really get a good feel for the tone of the room. If you want to add some history and a new flair to your home, then consider getting a stone floor and add your home to the pages of history that use stone flooring.